How To Select The Right Processor For My PC?

How To Select The Right Processor For My PC?

Ever since the advent of the internet world, computer users have time and again emphasized their needs to get the fastest CPU. Be it in terms of memory space, RAM functioning or overall performance, having a highly efficient CPU can make a remarkable difference in your PC’s net value. In spite of all technological advancements, from the enhanced SSDs to the much faster graphics cards, CPU has not lost its importance. On the contrary, the prominence has only gotten amplified.

Correlating with the latest trends is not that easy, especially when it comes to deal with highly specific and IT-enabled devices. Lest you confuse yourself while dealing with processors and PCs, we bring forth a quick guide on how to select the most appropriate CPU for your system. After reading this article, you will have sufficient idea about which processor you should purchase for your computer and the price you need to pay for closing the deal.

Which CPU is going to be the most compatible with my computer?

There can be no answer to this question unless you have defined your specific needs. You will also need to know beforehand the budget you have in mind specifications of your computer.

Having a precise idea of what you are looking for can help you in the longer race. Intel’s Core i7-5820K comes at a cost of $390 and features a six-core Haswell-E chip. Even when you intend to spend more, you get a CPU that doesn’t have much of a difference in terms of performance speed.

How To Select The Right Processor For My PC?

Since the i7-5820K processor uses the high-end LGA 2013-v3 socket, this can be a prized choice for users having few specific needs.

Intel’s i7-4790K comes at a reasonable price of $340. Though this chip consists of only four cores, it manages to produce an extra 500MHz of clock speed. Consequently, this chip works better when you do gaming and other high-frequency jobs on your PC.

Shifting towards a more economical solution, Intel’s Core i5-4690K is comparatively cheaper. You can purchase it at an average cost of $240. While the rest features remain the same, this chip has an issue with speed and hyper-threading; that can annoy your user experience, or at least disturb you.

Of course, there are much more processors available in the market. Depending upon your location and system requirements, you can get your selected processor solution at diverse price points. Intel’s Core i7 chips take the lead by being the most powerful chip so far: you can consider purchasing it if you have to do high-quality stuff like multimedia editing or simulation, etc.

Then comes the Core i7 chips that are most likely to woo every gamer (like who isn’t a gamer these days?). However, it lacks Hyperthreading features and so is less powerful in comparison to Core i7 chips. And as we already saw how, Core i3 processor chips are not so strong chips, and it can be used for all computers that do not need to work on multimedia or gaming sort of tasks. So, once you decide what you want your new processor to work on, whether gaming or multimedia, you can select a CPU as per the arrived specifications.

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