How important is a Wedding Dress?

Choosing a wedding dress is probably one of the most important decisions in a woman’s life. No pressure, but it’s pretty major! Before you get too stressed, here are some top tips to make picking the right dress a breeze and an enjoyable experience.

Don’t make an appointment at the bridal shop too late in the day. The staff will be fresh, attentive and haven’t dealt with anyone else that day if you get bright and early. You’ll feel fresher (and slimmer), the store will be quieter, and you can enjoy the full attention of your dress consultant.

Don’t worry about the fine details first but find a silhouette that works for you. There are many different styles of dress – empire, ball gown, column, mermaid and A-line. Focus on finding something that suits your style and shape rather than what’s on-trend at the moment. You can focus on pearls, diamantes or Swarovski detailing once you’ve found the perfect shape.

Pay attention to the top of your dress as well as the trail. Yes, a long, beautiful hem is exciting but remember that the top of your dress is what people will notice the most and what will show up in most of the photographs. DON’T forget about the top of your wedding dress. Most guests will photograph you from the waist up. If you have a gorgeous trail you want to capture, be sure to ask the photographer for a few shots in all its glory. You could even think as far ahead as the location of the wedding and if you can picture yourself in the dress.  Some locations like a Hotel Wedding Venue in Gloucester are so idyllic you won’t have to worry so for more details pop to sites such as

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Avoid choosing a dress because it’s in fashion now. Your photos will last a lifetime, but you don’t want the dress to age badly in them and not stand the test of time. Choosing a timeless classic is the best way to ensure your dress still looks glam in twenty years’ time. The perfect bridal gown will combine elements of traditional chic with modern elements.

Try on as many dresses as you need to. A dress can look amazing on the hanger but totally different on as it takes on a different shape and fall. You didn’t settle on the first guy who came along so you’ll want to treat your gown no differently and try on a fair few for size before committing!

Don’t feel obliged to invite an audience with you when you try on potential dresses. You might be under pressure to take aunties, cousins, girlfriends, sisters, etc but you should hold firm and only take those who you feel truly comfortable with. Some brides have found that a group can have too many opinions, too much distraction and makes the experience more stressful. It’s quite acceptable to go alone if you really want to focus or take your mum or bestie for that all-important second opinion.

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