Finger Food For Your Event

Events are never easy to organize. You have a lot of people to impress, may it be your guests, your family or even your boss. Mixing up several unacquainted social circles in one venue does not help either. So, planning for these events should be very thorough. You have to think about the date, the venue and the guests, to name a few. However, an event will not be complete without one important element: the food.

You have to carefully plan the amount of food that you are serving. It should not be excessive that there will be too many leftovers, but not too little that it will run out hours before the party ends.

What if you only have a limited budget but you cannot remove any more guests from the list? The solution: serve finger food.

Save Money and No Leftovers

Finger food for your event can help you save on the expenses. You do not have to pay a huge amount for a wide selection of food for your guests.

You also avoid having too much food left on the buffet table. Food gone to waste is like seeing your money being thrown away. With finger food, you would not have to deal with too much leftovers after your event.

You can also save money from renting utensils or paying for lost utensils at sit-down dinners. Finger food only requires using your fingers. Lesser things to rent, more money saved.

More Chance to Socialize

Finger food gives you and your guests more time to socialize with each other. Sit-down dinners would limit your guests to stay at one table while changing courses.

However, with finger food, your guests can just try a fair amount of food and see if they like it. Then, they could just put what they want in a small plate and roam around the hall to socialize. You do not have to plan for seating arrangements at your event. Your guests will be moving around and sharing a good conversation.


Buffet tables can also get really messy. You can see sauces spill on the table and chunks of food falling from their trays.

With finger food, the mess has been lessened. If the finger food does not fall from anyone’s plate, you would only have to worry about crumbs along the buffet table. Stains would be unlikely because finger food does not necessarily have sauces overflowing.

Be More Practical on your Next Event

Think practical and do not spend too much money for the food for your event. An event planner should be able to help you decide on what finger food options work best for your type of event. An expert event planner can help you get rid of the additional stress – whether you are having business functions to romantic weddings. We will be glad to discuss more details with you.

Written by bleu events, one of the top caterers Columbia, MO has to offer.

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