Easy Ways to Create Focal Points into Your Family Room

Adding a focal point to a room is a great way to re-energize the space. A family room is probably the best place in a home to add such décor props because it should have some character and appeal considering that you spend time with your friends and family there. Besides, a focal point not only adds to the aesthetics of a place but also takes eyes away from the less attractive features. If you feel like that your family room lacks personality and charm, apply these décor ideas.


A focal point should be something that grasps the attention immediately after walking into the room. What can be more fitting than an oversized artwork hung on a bare wall to be that attention-grabbing piece? It will create a statement and set the foundation to build the decoration and choose the color scheme of the rest of the room.

Art brings depth and charm into a place and fills the area with a refined character. It can also be the testimony of your personal taste and style. Either way, it will refresh the room with energy, color, and vigor.


Simple fabrics can turn into a focal point if you can choose them in the right color and patterns. It could be the drapes that you use to separate the rooms or for privacy, or the cushions, throw rugs, and carpets. If the primary color is neutral, choose drapes in floral prints and deep colors. You can also use the same print for one or two throw pillows or the slipcovers to create a harmonious look.

Easy Ways to Create Focal Points into Your Family Room

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A large plant can also be the center of focus in a family room, all you have to do is to keep it in the right place. For example, keeping at the center or in a corner will only make it look out of place. However, if you group it with two chairs in a cozy corner, it will instantly draw the viewers in and tie the room to the world outside the windows. Besides, it will be a great way to bring the green nature inside your home. The addition of a plant will bring a refreshing touch to the ambiance of a place.


Most traditional wainscoting design on the walls stay hidden behind furniture. Install beadboard wainscoting on a small portion of one or two walls if you want to make it a focal point. Hang a couple of framed pictures or keep it bare, and just paint it with a color different from the one used on the walls and the ceiling.

Such a fixture can also act as a feature wall or an artistic way to hide unsightly patches and outlets.

Easy Ways to Create Focal Points into Your Family Room

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A large colorful sofa or a pair of club chairs are not only a fabulous way to inject bright colors into a place but also save the eye from wondering where to focus. Remember that the statement furniture doesn’t need to be outlandish or vintage. You can just reupholster a pair of old chairs to freshen up the mood.

Multiple Focal Points

Easy Ways to Create Focal Points into Your Family Room

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Who says that a place has to revolve around just one statement piece? You can decorate your family room with multiple focal points. The trick is more suitable for a large room where the multiple features and functions of several focal pieces will separate the room into various sections and give them different purposes. An ottoman can be the focal point of a seating arrangement and so is a LED TV of a leisure corner. A decorative chandelier can be the bright star of a tray ceiling.

A focal point is the most striking feature of a room, which immediately draws the eyes. It can also be the base upon which you can design the décor scheme of the rest of the place. It is not necessary to have a statement piece in a room but including one can really uplift the mood the place besides helping guests to know where to set the eyes first.

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