4 Popular Vape Products

It has been estimated that over 9 million American adults vape on a regular basis. This habit is growing across the world at an increased rate. The industry is booming and the products are only getting more creative and user-friendly. Some of the most popular vape products are products where vapers can personalize the product they are using. There are smoke shops with many options of every product, and this can be either overwhelming or exciting depending on how you look at it. In a glass half-full perspective, most say that it just gives you more options to choose from! Here are some of the most popular vape products.

Flavored E-Juice

E-juice is great because there are so many flavors to choose from. You could have a different flavor every time you buy E-juice, and the list of flavors is only growing.

Say you just stepped into a Chicago smoke shop. Check out the store’s collection of flavors and match that with the taste you’re craving. Some flavors are minty, some fruity, and some are a combination of both. A few of the popular fruity flavors include cherry, grape, mango, orange cream, and raspberry. Some of the minty flavors are more simple like cinnamon and peppermint. Either way, vapers are going crazy over the wide array of choices and devices to choose from.

Vape Pods

Vapers can now purchase pods with E-juice in them. Vape pods are a solution to having to take the time to put juice in a vape. These pods are also small and portable, which makes it easier to carry backup pods instead of a whole container of vape juice. These pods are growing increasingly popular because of how easy they are to use.

Refillable options are great for users, and as vaping becomes more popular, so do vape pods and refillable devices. The one downside of the refillable pods is that they are less cost-effective than buying containers of e-juice in bulk. Vapers choose between the ease of pods or the cost effectiveness of buying a whole container of e-juice. Both offer great taste and come in many flavors!

Miniscule Vape Devices

Some people like to have a small vape product that is more discreet to carry. These devices are gaining popularity because of their effectiveness at such a small size. They are especially popular on college campuses and cities. At this rate of sales and consumerism, vaping devices are well on their way of making vaping a mainstream habit.

People all also switching to using these instead of smoking cigarettes. They have been proven as overall less damaging than cigarettes, but be sure to know all the health effects before using a device.

Decorative Smoking Glass

Decorative smoking glasses can be used for vapor products or tobacco or marijuana in states where it is legal. Decorative smoking glasses are becoming more widely accepted as an art form. Some contain intricate designs in the shape of glass or coloring. There are many that can be found in glass shops or online that are worth looking through if you are in the market for a new glass or other smoking device. Many glass blowing artists are switching to making glass pipes or bongs as their art form.

Vaping and smoking are getting more popular with the rise of more personalized products. Make sure to read the health warnings and effects of vaping before making it a habit or investing in a device.

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