What Is New In The Fashion World This Month?

What Is New In The Fashion World This Month?

If by any chance you are on the pursuit for what is trending in the fashion world in terms of makeup, then you are in the perfect place. It is important that you know when it comes to beauty, makeup and style, there exist a wide variety of options for you to choose from. However, this article has managed to narrow it down to the latest trending makeup this month. Before you make any kind of considerations regarding the makeup you want to settle for this month, it is crucial that you first test it and get feedback from a genuine friend.

1. Glitter Touch

There is no doubt that women love flashy and shiny stuff, the same goes for glitters. As at now, the glitter has become the latest makeup idea trending that has been exploited not only on the eyes, but also the face. This trend has proven to be juicy and interesting if used as a brow liner. The common clear face look has been offset by this trend. You can even cover your dark eye circles with the glitters and form your tears of joy.

2. The Classic Red Lipstick

The red lipstick will forever remain to be classic and edgy. There exist different types of red hues; it all depends with what goes well with your skin tone and lips. Well, the red color can at times play tricks- this bluntly means you need to test the shade you intend to purchase before leaving the store. If not, there is a high chance you will wind up hating the product and not use it.

3. Blue Statement Liner

Whenever a non-neutral pops up, the unavoidable question is always how it should be worn. When considering settling for a blue eye makeup, you should make an effort to go smoky. This color brings out instant sophistication to your overall look and makes you elegant, provided you settle for the right shade that perfectly matches your eye color. Dark hues tend to perfectly blend in with night outs, on the other hand, the soft hues tend to be appropriate for your day to day use.

4. Trending New Cat-eye

Well if you haven’t received the news yet, the cat-eye has taken a new look all together. Well, this style has been women’s favorite for many years, can as well be termed as timeless. It is listed as one of the simplest makeup ideas that turn your looks around within a flash. All you have to do is make the application on both the lower and upper eyelid. However, it will be more appropriate if you started from your eye’s center while moving towards the corners.

5. Lash Out

For quite some time the mascara has remained non-existent at the back stage. This is because it became too boring and expected. However if at all you love your lash moments, then consider exploring them using different colors not only black.

As at now, your focus should be on getting quality mascara as it accentuates the lashes giving them body in order to flatter your general outlook. Invest in a good eyelash curler as this tool, even without the help of makeup, will give your face a beautiful look.

6. Radiant Skin

Finally, the matt skin is out of the trending chart; you now have to worry about keeping a glowing skin. Well, you need to know that most makeup artists put a small application of these onto the model’s cheeks in order to bring some focus to their skin and create a reflection with the glow. You do not have to use such a trick as you can simply invest in a good moisturizer that will keep your skin glowing all day long. If you have to use makeup, then apply a quality concealer on the areas that have blemishes, blackheads, sunspots and pimples.

7. Edgy Eyebrow Look

The more you trim your brows, the more you look older. All you need to do is leave them as they are. If your brows are sparse, you can consider dying them. If you’re blessed with thick brows, it is time to let them grow naturally. You can use your brow pencil to give them a better shape that will result to shaping your face. For those brow hairs that prove to be stubborn, ensure you use an eyebrow gel to keep them in position, or get rid of them with a twizzer.


Get to try the list of makeup ideas and trends that are on this month and make fashion statements wherever you go. Ensure you do the makeup well and avoid over doing, as it will make you look like a clown instead of the amazingly gorgeous lady that you are. Chances are, this may totally turn your makeup style around.

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