How Long Should A New Vehicle Tyres Last

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Tyres don’t get better with age unlike wine. Whether they’re stored in the underground store or attached to a vehicle, tyres do degrade over time. But, the question is “How Long Do Tyres Typically Last? This, certainly, depends on many different factors, including the quality of the tyre, the road conditions, how much you drive the kind of driving you’re doing. Usually, each vehicle manufacturer list on the labels “How Long Its Tyres Last”.

Most of the car experts say that at least 50,000 miles (About 80467 kms) from the tyres that come with any new vehicle, but it depends on so many factors (discussed above already). Remember, some simple maintenance can increase how long tyres last by 50%, which means tyres rated at 50,000 miles may be able to go 75,000 miles or about 120700 kms.

I am living in Belfast, and the experts of Belfast say that 7 to 10 years is the maximum life of a new tyre, in spite of mileage, and getting cheap tyres Belfast and replacing all of them with exhausted tyres lets you to enjoy steady ride and provide better mileage. Factors like how tyres are treated, how they are stored and the amount of UV they are provided make a difference. But, everyone agrees that more than 10 year old tyres must be viewed as risky, and the tread wear bar is the first sign as to when every vehicle owner should replace his or her car tyres (See the below image).

How Long Should A New Vehicle Tyres Last
A tread wear bar is a small bar that spans the distance between tyre treads. When it becomes exposed, it is the right time to replace your tyres. In case the tyres don’t have tread wear bars, you can easily check the depth with a penny. If the tread depth is below the head of Abraham Lincoln on penny signs (SEE below image ), then it is time to replace your tyres.

How Long Should A New Vehicle Tyres Last
Uneven wear on one side is another reason, which means your tyres need to be rotated and your shocks with alignment must be checked (See below image). Also, uneven wear can cause major problems if the tyres wear down far enough. Keep in mind that tyres do not wear equally, so you must rotate them on a regularly. Rotate them every 4,000 to 10,000 miles so as to extend the life of your vehicle’s tyres.

How Long Should A New Vehicle Tyres Last
You don’t have to spend abundantly on the vehicle’s tyres and don’t buy the cheap ones also. Tyres are the only part of your car that is supposed to touch the ground, so ensure they’re up to the job. Go for tyres that have high tread wear and traction ratings (Uniform Tyre Quality Grading), and remember that performance tyre with higher speed ratings may not end long. However, a balanced combination of ride comfort, wet traction, a high tread wear rating and low noise levels will surely be your best bet.

A tyre is unused doesn’t mean that it’s new. For example, people have brought new tyres at retail stores and find out later that they were manufactured years before. So, make sure that you’re getting a “Fresh” Tyre. Vehicles tyres are expensive, particularly when you factor in the price of increasing and balancing. Therefore, used tyres become more attractive to people who are short of money. But, the buy of used tyres is very much a buyer-be careful situation because even a one-year-old tyre can be unsafe if it was maintained poorly

Of all your vehicle’s parts, tyres have the maximum effect on the way they handle and break. Thus, if the tyre store advises new tyres at your 5 year check-up, then spend money on buying new tyres because your life could depend on them.   

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