How Golden State Warriors Change The Entire Scenario Of NBA?

The game of basketball has already taken the western world by storm and the lovers of the game have gone crazy. There’s hardly a NBA game that finds the stands empty. With the favorites juggling the balls on court, the crowd finds the best time of their life supporting the players. There are some interesting facts to be mentioned about the game of basketball. On every NBA court, almost at a distance of 24 feet from the basket, there’s a thin strip of line with a specific colored paint. The flat sided semi circle that forms the boundary demarcates between the shots fetching two points and three points respectively.

According to Steven Rindner, who has been following the games from a very early age, comes up with the fact that the line was first introduced in 1979, and this introduction in the rules made things a bit tricky for the players. They could hardly decide what to do with these lines and they almost sniffed and pawed in between these two. According to the figures, only 3% of the shots that were put up in a complete season were 3 pointers. It almost took three decades for the number to climb up to 22% until the Golden State Warriors came into the platform.

How Golden State Warriors Change The Entire Scenario Of NBA

The Warriors are the defending NBA champion for the last three consecutive seasons breaking the records of Chicago Bulls which was set in 1966. Chicago Bulls is that name which is synonymous with the hotshot Michael Jordan. And the entire credit for this success of the Warriors goes to Stephen Curry who is by far having the best season that nay player has ever had in the history of basketball. But there’s another tale of the Warriors to be told, which the rest of the world isn’t aware of.

What is the probable result of building a basketball team by ignoring all the orthodox rules and regulations of forming a team? The answer is pretty simple, failure. Golden State Warriors has been playing the game since 1975, but this immature team formations and lack of able administration has brought them not even a single win till 2010. With their administrative responsibilities shifting hands, there were few new signings and Stephen Curry was one of them. Although there were lot of doubts in the mind of their supporters with this unorthodox team formation, the team started performing unexpectedly and that’s when things started turning on their favor.

By the time, 2014-15 season began, the Warriors had almost got their team formed with Andrew Bogut protecting the center rim and standing tall as a wall for their defense. They have even successfully complimented the shooting section as well with Andre Iguodala and Shaun Livingston firing up the attack. According to Steven Rindner, the particular factor that worked on their behalf is exactly the one with which the discussion started. The very thin line between the two pointer and three pointer made the difference in almost all their games. It was the 3 pointer plan that has worked and this strategic move turned out to be their USP in the next couple of seasons.

The future of the game for them lies completely beyond the line, and with figures like Stephen Curry on court, it goes further than ever imagined.

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