Green Hosting Vs Traditional Hosting: What’s Best?

Living in a tech smart era, it is no surprise that most of us spend more than half of our time in front of computer screens, browsing internet which consumes a lot of energy and leads to harmful carbon emissions in the environment. The simplest thing we can do is to find a hosting company for our websites which proclaims to be environment friendly. I am not talking in the air; there exists a number of green hosting companies which are eco-friendly and offer top notch hosting packages meeting your needs. Check out Green Hosting Reviews for getting an insight into green hosting and read reviews about some of the best green hosts in the market before settling for one.

What is Green Hosting?

Green hosting basically is a term used for companies that generate energy through renewable sources to reduce carbon emission in the environment. Hundreds of thousands of servers run worldwide to keep our websites up and running. These servers consume a great deal of energy, not only for operations but also for cooling down their systems. This consequently means that while you enjoy expanding your businesses via internet, your hosting company, through their servers, is leaving dangerous carbon footprints which are leading to global warming and the rising pollution. So, to counter all these issues, a few hosts with a determination to bring about a green change, came up with the idea of green hosting by generating power for the servers via solar, hydro ways and some even use wind.

Green Hosting Vs Traditional Hosting

Green hosting is no match to traditional hosting as it serves a far greater purpose than the traditional hosting. Your conscience will be at peace while using green hosting plans since you, indirectly, will be playing your role in bringing a positive change. Usually, green hosting companies use renewable methods to generate power, as mentioned earlier, but sometimes they have to use other sources. For instance, in winters they cannot make use of solar power, so in such a condition, they use the electrical energy. However, even then, they buy carbon credits, which means, they get an authorization to leave carbon footprints in the environment on the condition that they will plant more trees. Moreover, they prefer paperless work in their offices to boot. So, in any case, they play a brilliant role and contribute to the environment we all live and should be responsible about.

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Reasons for Using Green Hosting

  1. Eco-friendly: With global warming becoming an increasingly startling phenomenon, it is about time we realize the importance of playing our role in saving the planet we’re living on. Having a hosting company proclaiming to be eco-friendly should be a reason enough to go for it. It will play a positive role in reducing carbon footprints which is what we all need to be doing.
  2. Cost effective: The green hosting plans are relatively cheaper than the plans offered by the traditional hosting companies.
  3. Clean Environment: With less carbon emission, the environment will be less polluted and hence there will fewer diseases as well.
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