How Moisture Affect Epidermis Of Your Skin

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Skin is the largest organ among all organs of the body. It is made up of several components including lipids, proteins, minerals, chemicals and most importantly, water. These elements are essential in ensuring that the skin performs its tasks effectively. Some of the key functions of the skin include protection from environmental assaults and infections, regulation of body temperature, acts as a sensory organ, secretion, and excretion. Adding on, the skin is composed of three layers including the epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous layer or the hypodermis.

Being the outer layer, the skin is exposed to all kinds of hazards that affect its health. Aging also contributes to the deteriorating health of the skin. Protecting the skin to ensure it is of optimal health is therefore of immense importance. This can be done through using various agents and skin care agents. The majority of these skin care agents have a moisturizing ability. This is because besides bacteria and inflammation, the skin often gets dry thus requires rehydration. Rehydration can be achieved effectively by finding the best moisturizer for women.

Importance of Moisture to the Skin

The skin, especially the epidermis benefits from moisture in the following ways.

  • It helps in maintaining the skins’ soft, supple, attractive and comfortable appearance. Having enough moisture in your skin is the primary source of a healthy skin free from unsightly appearance. This is important in ensuring a free and esteemed body image, especially for ladies.
  • Moisture helps in the replenishing and replacement of essential oils manufactured in the skin epidermis. The skin manufactures essential oil that helps in smoothening the skin cells. Enough moisture is essential for the formation of these oils.
  • It prevents aging. Dry skin, wrinkles are some of the prominent signs of aging. Ensuring that your skin, and especially the epidermis is well moisturized will prevent the hastened formation of these conditions.
  • It controls eczema and other harmful skin conditions. Various conditions of the skin arise due to dry skins. The presence of enough moisture in the skin helps in eradicating these harmful conditions. Skin blemishes such as dark spots can also be eliminated by adequately hydrating your skin.
  • Enough moisture in the skin also contributes to quick repair, growth, and development of healthy skin. Water is an essential component of healthy skins.
  • It protects the skin from sun damage. Excessive exposure to sunlight may be harmful to the body. The sun contains dangerous ultraviolet rays, which affect the epidermis negatively. Applying a moisturizer, therefore, provides a layer of protection thus preventing these rays from reaching the skin. It reduces the damaging intensity of rays by filtering the harmful wavelengths.

Moisturizers is the Remedy for Inefficient Moisture

Lack of enough moisture in the skin can be adjusted by use of moisturizers. In the beauty market, there are various moisturizers included in skin care products that are available. Finding the best moisturizer for women can be a daunting task. One should pick a skin care product with a perfect moisturizer depending on the skin type. Depending on your skin type, consider the following:

  • Normal skins: The skin epidermis is neither dry nor oily. However, to maintain a normal balance, a water-based moisturizer is a perfect choice.
  • Dry skins: Individuals with this type of skin should choose one that helps in restoring moisture to the skin. Having said this, oil based products are the best choice.
  • Oily skin: Having an oily skin often results in acne. Applying a light product with the ability to reduce oil concentration is, therefore, a prudent idea.
  • Sensitive skins: Individuals with sensitive skins should apply moisturizing products with soothing ingredients such as aloe Vera and chamomile.
  • Mature skin: This is an aging skin. With advancing age, the skin becomes drier as oil-producing glands become less active. Oil based moisturizers are therefore a perfect choice to keep your skin soft. Consider a product with antioxidant properties as well to eradicate age-related problems such as fine lines, wrinkles and age spots.

When to Apply Moisturizer

Pollution, unhealthy diet plan, extreme cold, dry furnaces, exposure to scorching sun rays and stressful lifestyles are some of the main causes of dry skins. Taking enough water is the mainstay remedy for almost all these effects. However, you should apply moisturizers to your skin for epidermal health after the following events.

  • Immediately after drying your skin probably after taking a bath. This is important as most moisturizer will penetrate as the skin is still moist.
  • Apply to the hands every time you wash them.
  • Apply to your face after cleansing your face.
  • Apply a moisturizer as a protective base for makeups. Doing this will hold the makeup quite long.


Moisture is an important element to the epidermal health and the overall health of your skin. Taking enough amounts of water is therefore encouraged to nourish the skin and the body as a whole. If your skin requires more, consider getting moisturizers using the guide drawn above. This will ensure that you have a healthy and fully functional skin.

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