6 Smarter Ways to Drink More Water

Beauty companies try to sell us products to make our skin look its best, but doctors suggest the real miracle cure is cheaper. Improving your skin is as simple as drinking more water. Well-hydrated skin is smooth and glowing. It’s also less prone to flakiness, irritations, and acne.

Health experts recommend drinking at least eight glasses of water each day to see the effects, but adopting this habit can be difficult if you’re used to reaching for sodas and cocktails instead. If you struggle to drink the water you need for glowing skin, consider the following six smarter ways to drink more water.

Increase Water Consumption at Natural Times

You already rinse out your mouth with water after cleaning your teeth, and you sip a little water when you need to take your medications. These times are ideal for maximizing your water consumption. Rather than drinking a little water at these times, make a point of polishing off your entire glass of water. Your skin will thank you.

Use a Water-Tracking App

Remember how a fitness app helped motivate you to up your daily step count? You can find apps that can drive you toward similar success. Free apps such as Waterlogged or Daily Water – Drink Reminder will let you log the water you’re drinking and remind you when you need to rehydrate.

Invest in a Cool Water Bottle

Water bottles have come a long way in recent years. You can find bottles that promise to keep your water cold and bottles with space for fruit infusions. If you love your water bottle, you’ll be more likely to use it. Keep it close at hand, on your desk while you work, and near the couch in your downtime so that you can easily keep sipping your water.

Add Fruits for Flavor

You don’t need to have a fancy water bottle to enjoy flavored water. If you prefer drinking from a glass, simply add your favorite fruits to a pitcher. Cut strawberries and slices of citrus fruits can take ordinary water to the next flavor level without adding many calories. Cucumber slices can also add a refreshing twist.

Test Your Water Quality

Many people who don’t drink a lot of water insist that they don’t like how water tastes. But what if what you’re tasting wasn’t pure water at all, but water contaminated with common chemicals such as chlorine?

The good news is that the problem can be easily fixed. A reputable plumbing company can test your water quality and suggest remedies to improve your home’s water and its taste.

Schedule Water Breaks

Busy women know that if you don’t schedule time for something, what you want to do never gets done. If you neglect drinking water, you need to add time for drinking water to your schedule. Set an hourly alarm and drink a glass of water each time the alarm sounds. You’ll soon get into the habit of drinking more refreshing water.

Put the above tips into practice and you’ll soon notice the results. While you’ll love the beauty benefits, you’re also bound to feel better after drinking more water, too.

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