5 Easy Guidelines Essential For Evaporative Cooler Installation

Replacement and installation of evaporative coolers becomes an inevitable task especially during the scorching and uncomfortable summer season. After all, these coolers consume only about one-fourth or one-tenth of electricity used by air conditioning systems and refrigerators too. This is the reason why people consider them to be the best option during hot and dry seasons. The evaporative coolers are simple devices which hold two crucial elements: one is the fan and the other is the water wetted pad. A small water pump placed inside the cooler pumps out water from the water cabinet and splashes it on the pads. So when the fan draws air from outside then it comes into direct contact with the drenched pads which makes the air cooler and humid.

5 Easy Guidelines Essential For Evaporative Cooler Installation

Simple Evaporative Cooler Installation Guidelines

Carrying out evaporative cooler installation at your house is a pretty easy task. In fact, installation of such coolers can be completed in just a few minutes, unlike air conditioning systems or air conditioning ducts which take hours and sometimes weeks to get installed perfectly.

Here are the 5 simple guidelines that will help you while the installation of evaporative coolers:

1. Use low speed motor and thermostat for 100% efficiency. Mostly coolers run at a low speed which is considered to be the efficient mode. But, manual control somehow cannot achieve this mode therefore it is always advised to use a thermostat along with the cooler.

The thermostat will help you in achieving a stable temperature for your house. As manual control may not be helpful during night which can make your house uncomfortably cold.

2. Secondly, another add-on tool that everyone must use in their evaporative cooler is a barometric damper. These dampers help the users in selecting between air conditioning, heating and cooling without any complications. The dampers tend to increase the convenience of using the cooling mode of the evaporative coolers.

3. For the next step, always check and examine the float valve setting of the pump after one cycle. This is important because if the float is set at a too high range then the water that gets drained from the pads can get into sump which can lead to overflow. Therefore, ensure that you set the float valve at its accurate value so that the cooler can function properly.

4. After this, it is important to have an electrical disconnect near the cooler for safe and easy maintenance. This is quite crucial for those coolers which are placed at the rooftop, and this encourages people to work under live coolers. Ultimately this can lead to higher consumption of electricity leading to higher utility bills.

5. Finally, while installing and operating the evaporative cooler, try to have 3ft clearance on any side of the cooler so that you can have an access for its maintenance. The tip here is that you can keep this clearance at those sides which hold the electrical parts of the cooler.

Along with that, ensure that the cooler inlet is at least 10ft or 8ft away from the gas flues, plumbing vents, cloth-drying vents, kitchen, bathroom, exhaust fan vents and laundry too.

5 Easy Guidelines Essential For Evaporative Cooler Installation

Few Tips on the Maintenance of Evaporative Coolers

There are lots of things that you can do for increasing the durability of these coolers. Right from the evaporative cooler installation till its usage you have to take care of its power consumption value. To do this you should always disconnect the power from the cooler when you do not need it. In addition to that, oil the bearings of the cooler with mild lubricants as heavy lubricants can get washed away easily with cleaners like water. At last clean the pump and pipes connected to it, to remove any sort of clogging caused because of impurities settled inside them.

Hope you getting all above mentioned guidelines and tips about evaporative cooler installation. Contact us and you will definitely get more beneficial information.

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