The 3 Greatest Spots For London Children Entertainment

London children entertainment

Acquiring and securing great places for London children entertainment especially in such a big and populous city can be a very daunting task especially if you don’t know where to even start looking or when you should start booking. Fret not, as here are the greatest spots that provide your children with great London children entertainment.

  • Hamleys London

Hamley’s has been known to provide the ultimate London children entertainment because it allows children to have sleepovers! However why is this so special you ask? Well that’s because Hamleys is a toy shop that is very famous for inviting guests to play dress up according to any chosen theme!

You also don’t have to worry whether the sex of your child will play a factor because they have activities and themes that will fit any boy or girl. Typically the boys get to have race car or pirate themes while the girls get to dress up as little princesses. There’s a place inside Hamleys that provides sweet treats called the Sweet Factory before then being tasked to run all over the place in a frantic treasure hunt. After a late night birthday feast, guests will then tuck in for the night, enjoying a movie before its lights out and everyone goes to sleep.

  • Mystical Fairies London

Don’t let the name fool you as Mystical Fairies is just as capable of providing London children entertainment to boys as they are to girls. The staff working there will be dressed as adult sized fairies, waving brightly colored wands and chanting spells. Children will have a great time here as they are invited into the enchanted garden that is decorated with everything related to fairies.

There are plenty of costumes and more to make even the manliest looking child turn into a fairy and they can dance and play along the garden that is peppered with glittering flowers and toadstool seats.

  • London Tantrum

The name of the café might suit your child’s personality but the fact is that there will be no upside down frowns here as even the meanest and angriest kids will still be able to have their London children entertainment. This place may look like they are giving out free haircuts at first but that is just the tip of the iceberg of what they can really do. Often counted as one of the top venues that provide London children entertainment, this venue allows kids to have a complete makeover complete with costumes and matching hairstyles. The Kids are sure to have a blast!

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