Preparing To Move To A Mobile Home

Preparing To Move To A Mobile Home

In this day and age, many people wonder how they can reduce their cost of living, and their carbon footprint. Downsizing to a mobile home might be a way to do both. Like the tiny house movement, those that live in mobile homes are able to do more with less. Mobile homes are streamlined, and set up to maximize available space.

People are starting to realize that the extra work involved in owning and maintaining a large home are sometimes not worth the benefits of the extra space. They often want to live a simpler lifestyle with fewer possessions. Mobile homes are a hybrid of an apartment, and a travel trailer. They are not the same as the camper trailer, which is designed to be moved frequently, but they are still capable of being moved if the owner so desires.

In years past, mobile homes have been viewed as housing best suited to poor people who can’t afford anything else. While this is true in some situations, even middle class people are starting to see the benefits to living in a smaller space. With less floor space, you’ll spend a lot less time cleaning.

Preparing To Move To A Mobile Home

There are mobile homes available for almost any climate, so you should be able to find one suited to where you want to live. You can either buy a used mobile home that is already set up on a suitable location, purchase a used home and have it moved, or order a new one from a reputable factory and have it shipped to where you plan to live.

If you are moving from an apartment to your own mobile home, you probably won’t notice much difference in the available space; however, if you are moving from a larger home to a mobile home, you will probably have to downsize some of your belongings.

Your mobile home will probably be well set up in terms of storage, but you’ll want to cut out unnecessary items. Take inventory of your current wardrobe, and get rid of everything you haven’t worn in the past six months. Look through your other belongings and look for things you haven’t used in a long time, items that are broken, and items that won’t serve a purpose in your new home. If you are moving to a home with a small living room, you may not need two couches and three end tables.

If you are moving into a trailer park, find out ahead of time exactly what services are offered by the park staff. If all grass cutting is included, you probably won’t need a lawnmower anymore.

As you downsize, recycle as much as possible by either donating usable items to charities, or by sending recyclable products to a proper recycling depot.

Try to start downsizing at least three months before you plan to move into your mobile home. This will give you plenty of time to get rid of unwanted and unneeded items, and to pack up the things you plan to move. Soon you’ll be living in a smaller, lower stress home.

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