How To Recover Lost Files From Your Android Device Even If You’re Not An IT Guru

recover data after Marshmallow update

If your phone looks like the one pictured above, you are most probably having a REALLY bad day, especially if you have irreplaceable files stored on your phone.

No need for concern though, we will tell you exactly how to recover your data even if you have a broken screen.

But first, let’s talk about the new Android 6.0 update, or better know as the Marshmallow update.

Most people are quite excited about new updates, especially Android Users as they bring with them an abundance of fixes for previous problems.

Unfortunately though, the Marshmallow update came with problems of it’s own. After the update Android users started complaining about images and videos just disappearing of their phone without reason.

The easiest solution is to backup your phone before you start the update, otherwise you run the risk of losing your contacts, sms’s, images or even videos.

But what if you didn’t back up your device before the update and now realize some of your information is missing?

Android Recovery Software

To recover data after Marshmallow update, it’s as easy as downloading Android Recovery Software and then following the easy to follow steps.

You just launch the software, connect your phone, click scan and preview the the recovered files. Choose the data you want to recover and click recover.

As easy as that.

But now, what if you dropped your phone and the screen is completely cracked and you can’t see a thing what’s going on?

You will most likely lose functionality of the touch screen that can make life extremely difficult when it comes to recovering your information.

But android broken screen data recovery is even easier than recovering information after the Marshmallow update.

Just connect your Android device to your computer with your usb cable, and copy all the files from your phone.

If you aren’t able to see your files, or some files went missing, the same technique as above can be used.

If you are interested in the software available, be sure to check out MobiSaver from EaseUS for the best on the market.

The have extensive benefits and features and recover lost information no matter what the cause of the loss was.

Contacts, text messages, images or video can easily be recovered even if you have accidently formatted your or rooted your device.

So next time when your phone screen breaks, or you lose information due to faulty updates, Just download some recovery software and get your files back.

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