Get A Perfect Handbag With These Shopping Tips!

Looking for a way to complement your look? Handbags make themselves a best accessory when chosen correctly. A good handbag has combination of style, functionality, affordability and convenience. You need a handbag that can carry all your stuff, match with most of your dresses and made of good material, all these at pocket friendly prices. Finding all these combinations may seem impossible, but by simply going to ads, you will get surprised to see how easy it is. Here are top tips that should guide you when you shop for your next handbag.

Light Weight Handbags Rock

Though the nature of material used in making a handbag determine its weight, but light handbags are best for any woman. Remember that you will be carrying your handbag for long time like while shopping, while going to your office or heading for lunch. If the handbag is heavy, its weight will put a strain on your shoulders especially if you put your stuff inside it. Thus keep it light, don’t bring back your school days by buying a heavy handbag.

Your Body Shape

Your body shape should form an important consideration while you shop for a handbag. As mentioned above, handbag should compliment your overall look. It should not make you look thinner or with few extra pounds. If you are a plus size woman for instance, the best handbag for you is a bigger handbag since smaller one will make you look bigger. Small women on the other hand should pick round shaped smaller hand-bags as bigger ones will look disproportional to their bodies or overwhelming. At ads, we understand all this and we have collection of handbags perfect for every woman whether plus size or leaner.


Remember your handbag is not just an accessory but is meant to make your life simple. Your handbag should able to accommodate everything your phone, car keys, credit cards, your entire make up and an extra pair of shoes if you need them and everything else that you need to make yourself comfortable. Functionality implies that you will carry your handbag to your office, to shopping, to sleepover among others. Other than carrying all your stuff, choice of color is another element of functionality that you should consider while buying your handbag. Choose versatile colors, or colors that can go with each outfit you have. Best colors for handbag include; black, grey, nude, caramel and grey. These colors can go with anything; hence you don’t need to change your outfit so that they can match with your handbag. These colors among many others are available at

Choice of Material

You need a durable handbag that can last long to save you from trouble to buy new one every month. The material can range from leather, synthetic or plastic with each material having its own advantages and disadvantages. Leather is still the best material not only because it is trendy but it is also durable. Plastic and synthetic fibers like nylon are easy to clean. Hence, choose material that fit with your lifestyle. For instance, if you live in cold climate, the best option for you is leather since it cannot be damaged by water and snow. Just like size and colors, we offer range of materials at to fit in different lifestyles.

Be Trendy

You don’t have to spend much fortune on designer handbags to find a perfect match. All you have to do is to be on lookout for latest trends, log in to and find your perfect handbag. Our stock contains all latest trends in town. Further, changes in seasons mean you have to change your handbag to keep up with time. At, we understand this and we keep track regarding all latest handbags for every season to keep you look stylish all year long.

Remember, your handbag is one of your everyday accessory hence keep it simple and light. This might sound like a difficult task, but in you will find best handbag for you. By stocking high quality, affordable, comfortable and stylish handbags,, gives you time to do what you love doing, simply pick the best one for you.

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