Designers Must Have A Business Strategy In Instagram For Success

If you are a graphic designer and want to make the best use of the Instagram platform you have make sure that you approach it as your business strategy rather than anything else. Proper use of keywords, captions, hashtags and pictures are also important for ensuring success and taking the full advantage of what Instagram has for you on offer. The pictures will enable you to grab attention of the people you want to and the keywords will also enable you to appeal to those people or your prospective clients in a better way which is most important in this matter.

Apart from that time to time and strategic editing also plays a significant role in providing you with the benefits in return for the quantity of content you post. However, at this juncture you must remember that in this field less is indeed and often more. This is because nobody in the social medial community wants to see more than two photos in a day.

Multiple photos will not create the desired impact and therefore it is a very rare occurrence in Instagram. According to experts, a photo a day is the best way to create an impact on the viewer unless of course you have something very specific and significantly important, interesting and amazing to say through another picture.

Follow a business and tactical approach

If you are representing your or any other firm, then it is recommends that you make your account a strictly Business Profile. This is because it will enable you to add your contact information and location of your business into it. However, there are a few important things to remember in this aspect.

  • If you prefer to keep your Instagram account set as personal make sure that the images you post represents your brand and not you.
  • It can be a slightly different from your personal preference but make sure that when people come across your account they can quickly sense your point of view.
  • Do not simply post pictures of works of other people only as that will once again leave the viewers in bewilderment. Using pictures of other people as an image of inspiration may be great but it should be only from time to time and not always and every time.
  • Make sure that you, your work and your post are all an exception and not a norm. It is best to show things as you see in your own work. This will ensure that the viewer understands your point of view easily and quickly.
  • Images that inspire you can be posted on a daily basis but you must at the same time make sure that it is interjected properly and precisely with the projects that you are currently working on.

You will find a plethora of branding ideas in Instagram visiting and others that have evolved over the years and at the same time have truly reflected the brand effectively. Put these branding ideas into rotation as this approach will make these ideas appreciable and people will be able to associate with you easily.

Be found easily

If you are strategic and tactical in your approach in using Instagram then you will be found easily. A lot of designers have found a lot of clients through their Instagram accounts and there are several out there who have been unsuccessful. This is because these unsuccessful designers did not consider it to be a live portfolio that has the power to take you to people who might be looking to hire you.

  • Letting them know about the work aesthetics is much more important than letting them know about your personal self. This is the primary lesson of having a businesslike approach and being consistent in it which strictly suggests you to have a spate personal account if you want to share personal pictures.
  • Apart from that, if it is a sponsored content or an ad then you must make sure that the items that feature in your account fits in perfectly with your work aesthetic. This also means that you should have never worked on any sponsored post for any product that you personally did not feel like using it anyway.
  • Another significant strategic play in using Instagram is to make the best use of all the data available to you through this platform. If you set up a Business profile then make sure that the Insights feature of Instagram shows the exact way in which your posts perform and provide all the necessary information on your followers.

As it is with any specific marketing technique, you must clearly set precise objectives and let it know to others as well. It is also required to focus only on those matters that are important to you, your work and consider the final outcome of your effort that will drive your business forward in the best possible way.

Interaction is the key

Establishing a conversation and interacting with your followers and prospective clients is the most important thing in using Instagram successfully. Interaction is the most significant aspect of social media as that will easily and effectively broaden your ability and scope to get out and noticed by more and more followers.

Interaction will also provide a lot of opportunities to work in collaboration with like-minded people and for this you will need to be re-grammed. This is the best and most effective way to establish those connections and post photos of designers who match with you in aesthetics so that they all fit in well within your feed. This will eventually help you to nurture a concerted community of compassionate fans. This type of sharing has a noteworthy and positive impact and will pave your way to get and work on more projects without having to promote much about you and your work. People in your community will themselves post pictures of your work and tag you in it enabling you to reach out to a larger audience out there and promote you and your work.

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