Busting Mobile Shopping Myths

E-commerce is increasingly becoming a driving force in retail. Digital shopping through websites, mobile sites, and smartphone apps is turning to be the most preferred form of shopping by consumers. Online shopping is not only important to buyers but also to sellers who wish to sell products and services through distribution channels.

Online shopping business is a flourishing one, and thus, more and more e-retailers are emerging every day. Although it is a profitable business, it is also an incredibly competitive one. Most of the online shopping vendors research a market thoroughly to know the needs and expectations of the consumers, before starting a business.They form certain guidelines about what to add to their shopping experience that will act to their advantage. However, not all the information they derive is true in the absolute sense.

Many of these following false ideas or myths can lead a company astray.

  1. Apps are the way to go –

Sure, apps are easy to use and give more convenience to users but according to a number of surveys conducted; users weren’t very keen on using even the so called best shopping apps. They were twice as likely to use mobile sites rather than the apps. Most e-commerce companies’ think that a mobile app will help them form a more majestic image of themselves in the mind of consumers and will help them attract more new users. The first priority must be to build a user-friendly interface mobile site, which is simple, neat and easy to use.

  1. Must have ‘cool’ features –

According to the consumers’ view, the basic functionality of a shopping site is more important than sophisticated and funky features. For example, features like good loading speed, availability of online payment system and simplicity in the app are more important than; say video reviews or 3D try on features.

  1. The personal touch is not necessary–

Although online shopping is a preferred option by retailers for all its digitization and low-cost structure, it is important to understand that digital shopping does not mean a complete withdrawal of human staff. Consumers are not self-sufficient and feel more satisfied with a personal touch from staff. Staff in customer care, for example, is crucial to improve the overall shopping experience the buyer.

Best Online Shopping sites like Tata CLiQ, Amazon, Flipkart and Jabong are the most one’s which enjoy great customer loyalty. The reason for their popularity is that they offer additional features in their apps like cart facilities, delivery tracking, and user account log-ins.

Tata CliQ

The newest entrant in the online shopping world TATA Cliq has an easy to use, straightforward and neat interface with quick refunds and friendly customer care services. This Tata online shopping app displays a wide range of products for consumers to choose from.

Understanding the needs and wants of customers is of utmost importance in order to create a true and fruitful venture. These myths should be answered and a different approach must be taken by companies by finding out what customers really value when shopping online.

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