All that You need to Know about AHTS Vessel

All that You need to Know about AHTS Vessel

Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessels are predominantly built to handle anchors for oil rigs, tow them to different locations and to secure the rigs in place. AHTS Vessels also serve as Emergency Response and Rescue Vessels (ERRVs).

The oil rigs are either located in the middle of the ocean or in the deep seas, however, the question is what type of vessels help such oil rigs reach the middle of the ocean? The answer is anchor handling tug supply vessel (AHTS Vessels Manufacturers USA)

Many of these vessels are designed for the harsh conditions of the North Sea and they can undertake supply duties between land bases and drilling sites. They can also be used for towing assistance during tanker loading, deepwater anchor handling and towing of threatening objects.

AHTS Vessels differ from Platform Supply Vessels(PSVs) in being fitted with winches for towing and anchor handling and having more power to increase the bollard pull. This machinery is specifically designed for anchor handling operations. They also have arrangements for quick anchor release, which can be operated from the bridge or other normally manned location which directly communicates with the bridge.

Even if AHTS-vessels are customized for anchor-handling and towing, they can also handle ROV (remotely operated underwater vehicle) services, safety/rescue services and also supply duties between the mainland and offshore installations.

Advantages of AHTS Vessels-

  • AHTS vessels have superior bollard pull and a higher engine rating which makes them powerful enough to be utilized for specialized jobs such as Anchor Handling.
  • They are fitted with multiple thrusters providing tremendous vessel handling features that allow such vessels to work in any sea condition.
  • A large amount of strengthened deck space allows even the largest of the anchors, heavy wires, chains, buoys and other related equipment to be stored and handled.
  • AHTS have an extremely powerful multi-drum system with twin winches, each for towing and anchor handling purposes. Apart from this, it has the combination of other spare drums and work winches which are especially used for towing and deep water anchor handling.
  • Sufficient amount of anchor chain can be stored on board due to the availability of larger capacity chain lockers.
  • AHTS are multipurpose vessels that can even perform the functions of ordinary supply boats such as carrying a large quantity of water, fuel and deck cargo.

Applications of AHTS Vessels

  • AHTS are used as multipurpose workboats in the oil as well as the gas offshore field.
  • They are used for towing operations, rig moves, for carrying dry and liquid cargo such as cement, mud, fresh water, fuel oil, etc.
  • If the ocean-going tugs are not readily available, then these can take up to the role of salvaging and rescue.
  • Anchor work for rigs, barges, semi-submersibles, construction barges, etc can be executed with the help of these vessels. These vessels can perform efficiently in the roughest sea conditions and also in very deep waters.
  • Installation of buoys, SBM mooring, sub-sea moorings is ideally done with the help of the Anchor Handling Tugs.
  • Nowadays, they are progressively being used for towing and anchor handling of newer offshore structures such as the Tension Leg Platforms (TLPs) or even the gravity-based platforms.

Importance of AHTS Vessels                         
AHTS provides multi-utility facilities. Oil drilling from oceanic areas has increased and has become a regular activity.
Hence, its demand is increasing day by day. These vessels are one of those technological creations of the marine world that also help in preventing major mishaps at the sea.

Additional Features
Anchor handling tug vessels have crane-like equipment (known as the winch) that can be attached to the oil rigs and then, propelled forth in the water. The “anchor supply “, mentioned as a part of the vessel’s name is then allowed to be sunk into the sea water so that it keeps the rigs steady.

How to choose AHTS Vessels Manufacturer?

Before choosing the AHTS Vessels Manufacturer USA, make a list of all your requirements and choose according to your budget. By this way, it is quite easy to choose the right manufacturer.

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