The Best Technology Application To Manage Your Finances

Managing your finances can often take a toll on your life especially when you need to manage your income and expenses right here and there. Owing to your hectic schedule you find yourself having some difficulty in managing and tracking down your finances. The thought of being able to take a picture of your bills and receipts directly from your phone is a very appealing idea. The ability to pay online without having to endure the long lines in a payment center or in a bank offers a priceless convenience in helping you manage your finances all the time at any time of the day. Using modern technology and applications these days do provide some practical benefits in managing your finances, keeping you out of stress with the ability to manage your money more conveniently.

Mobile Banking Applications on your Device

Banks these days offer their own mobile banking applications to offer their clients with more convenience in managing their finances. The application allows the user to access their bank accounts directly from their own bank’s website, move their money on different accounts, pay their bills online and check for balances. The application is available on Android and Apple devices for free. This is a more convenient way of connecting with your bank account online and directly through your bank’s website to manage and track down your financial account activities in real time.

The Best Technology Application To Manage Your Finances

Money Management Applications

There are also other websites that offer money management services that you can use on your Smartphone or tablet. While some of these services have their own limitation, it provides you some degree of convenience in managing your money and tracking down your financial activities.


This is a third party application that helps you to track down your finances including your income and expenses. The app however does not allow you to move your money around such as doing a money transfer, making a deposit or paying your bills. But it has the convenient features that allow the user to track all of their finances from bank accounts, loans, investments and credit card in a single application. You get to track down your balances and help you get a better understanding about your financial behavior and activities using its analytical tools. It warns the user if their balance is getting low and provides an overview about your investment such as the latest value of your investment and the latest assets that you purchased.

2. HelloWallet

In order to manage your finances through the application, you need to create a HelloWallet account and pay for $8.95 monthly subscription for the service. The app helps to organize your financial accounts with a clear overview on its activities on pies and charts. With this feature, the user is able to track their progress regarding their financial goals. You can also find some helpful suggestions from the app on how to manage your financial behavior and spending patterns.

3. QuickShot with Dropbox

This is an application that is available from the Apple store for $1.99. Using the app allows you to take a quick snap of receipts which is automatically synced to your Dropbox account for filing. Dropbox is an online file storage facility that works in the Cloud where you can easily store files and retrieve them online.

4. Concur

The application can record different charges that are incurred from a business credit card and integrate it to the expenses report. The app is designed for a company web based expense management facility which allows organizations to easily exchange disbursement files, manage and track down business related expenses and obtain fast processing of the expenses incurred for booking flights and hotel accommodation of customers.

5. Expensify

This is a free mobile application that you can use in tracking down your expenses, file the image of your receipts and manage financial reports regarding your account balance and expense activities. It also helps you to track down your travel time and expenses. It is also capable of importing your credit card transaction and can create an IRS guaranteed receipt. This free app helps you to save some precious time to manage your expenses and collect your receipts in a single place.

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