Shopping Extravaganza In Lucknow: Best Sites For Shopaholics

Shopping in Lucknow can be one delightful experience on account of its dynamic markets and rich artworks. The city is well known for its conventional chikankari work, which pulls in explorers and designers from all over the nation. Shopping in the city’s main markets, with their meandering bylanes lined with tiny, big, and huge shops, has its own particular charm. A visit to Lucknow’s most renowned shopping centers guarantees you with more than one brilliant experiences to cherish for life. And of course, you can use your expert bargaining skills here. Happy?

If you are an avid shopper, who loves collecting the signature goodies and specialities of every other town or city you visit, then, in Lucknow, make sure you trail through these promising shopping hubs. Not only will you get to relish the aromatic, lip-smacking Lucknawi biryani here, but the ladies back home won’t stop thanking you enough for all that you are about to dig in this city. So start looking for the Delhi to Lucknow flights, and get your shopping list ready.

1. Hazratganj

Hazratganj is the best place for premium shopping in Lucknow. Lined with premium showrooms, shopping centers, outlets, eateries, multiplexes, and a host of state government offices, Hazratganj is not the right place for bargain shopping, as it is the most classy market in Lucknow. However, it is the best place to purchase adornments, and a wide range of men’s, ladies’ and children fabrics; particularly handcrafted weaved kurtas/kurtis and sarees of celebrated Chikan material.


2. Alambagh Market

Located on the Lucknow-Kanpur road, the Alambagh Market is known to be a standout amongst the most developed and neatly planned markets in the city. From needle and gold adornments to fresh vegetables and general bric-a-brac, you can search for just about anything here without a doubt. It is effectively one of the best shopping zones in the city, so make sure to drop in while you’re out shopping in Lucknow.

Alambagh Market

3. Aminabad

One of the oldest markets in Lucknow, the Aminabad market is home to some wonderful shopping experiences in the city. It is primarily celebrated for precious gems, books, Chikankari garments, especially wedding lehengas and sherwanis. There is a large number of clothing shops which offer wedding garments for the bride to be, as well as the groom, all within a modest, normal to premium budget plan. So wedding woes, no more!


4. Chowk

One of the antiquated markets in the city of Lucknow, the Chowk is a quaint interconnected framework of alleys, with little shops offering chikan pieces of clothing, ittar and beautiful adornments. This market still exhibits the old world appeal and is ideal to buy chikankari materials and old fashioned things. You can look for quality chikankari fabrics here, since it is the hub of chikan manufacturers in Lucknow.


5. Nakhas Market

The entire Nakhas market is brimming with little to huge and old to new shops where you can shop in shoestring budget, however, the primary fascination of Nakhas is the Sunday morning scene when this well known market turns out to be more bright, noisier, exceptionally reasonable, and the cost of everything turns out to be pretty cheap. Nakhas market is actually the very shrouded fascination of the city, worth exploring.

So if you have a wedding coming up in the family, or if you, yourself are the bride-to-be, then visiting Lucknow would be one decision you’d never regret. Also, for avid shoppers, Lucknow is a warehouse of everything chic, classy, and downright Indian. Go, grab the best!

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