Crucial Information about Pregnancy Discrimination

Pregnancy Discrimination is a continued problem in the UK workplace. According to an investigation done by the Human Rights Commission:

  • Fifty-four thousand women are reported to leave their jobs due to pregnancy discrimination.
  • 10% of women were discouraged from taking time off for their antenatal care.
  • 1 out of 5 mothers encountered harassment only because they were pregnant.

What is Pregnancy Discrimination?

Pregnancy discrimination is ‘the unfair treatment of female workers because of their pregnancy, childbirth or any health issues related to pregnancy.’ Discrimination also affects male employees if their wife is pregnant.

Common Example of Pregnancy Discrimination

  1. Your employer tells you not to be pregnant if you want to do your job
  2. They deny you offer letter because of your pregnancy
  3. They postpone your promotion due to your pregnancy
  4. They penalize you because you don’t come to the office due to pregnancy
  5. They dismiss you or make you redundant

These are the most common examples of pregnancy discrimination.

Rights of Pregnant Women at their Workplace

Pregnancy rights under UK Law:

  • Right to care for yourself and your baby.
  • Right to get paid even during your off-work duties.
  • Right to be protected against unfair dismissal and unfair treatment by your employer.
  • Right to take 52 weeks of maternity leave and quality for maternity pay.

If you feel your employer is violating the Law, contact a professional employment solicitor on a now win no fee basis to file a complaint against your employer and make a tribunal claim.

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