All You Ever Wanted To Know About Aspect Zipwire

Zipwire is a cloud-based forum that has recently entered the market. This has made contact centre operations speedy and of course, a lot less cumbersome. Both medium and small-sized businesses can benefit from this software.So basically, the brand Aspect, which has a name in providing solutions for workforce optimization, customer integration management and back-office operations, has come up with an amazing software called ‘zipwire’.

This contact centre interface is cloud based and is full of features. It is an interface that has been designed to improve operational value and ensure customer service excellence. Architected to have a reduction on the demand on IT, this software includes amazing features like provisional simplicity, limitless elasticity and round the clock support.

The best thing about this software is that deploying it is not at all a hassle. Moreover, it is extremely scalable. Whether it is a large enterprise contact centre or a small enterprise one, aspect zipwire software can be used to meet the unique needs of all sorts of contact centre operations. The fact that this software is so simple and its setup takes no time makes it possible for organizations to be up and running within a matter of few hours.  And the most interesting part is thatthe setup costs are close to nil.

With almost unlimited scaling, deploying zipwire through the infrastructure of Aspect Cloud is a piece of cake. So evidently, the advantages obtained are more as compared to other contact centresoftwares in the same league.

Its integrated CRM allows one to have access to the preferences and interactions of the customers so as to enable them to make calls with a personal approach.

Management of interactions arriving from a number of channels becomes possible because of its multichannel support. There are certain supervisor tools also such as screen sharing, interaction scoring and call recording which enable one to track the performance of the agents.

Team collaboration has been made easy by this software by enabling the user to accessa real time directory. This way the user can find out which agents are online and can initiate conversations with them accordingly.

There are outbound facilities too, which allowone to take care of all outbound campaigns with the assistance of automated IVR.In addition to this, automatic as well as manual dialingis supported on the software.

Features like agent routing, predictive processing, integrated workforce management, custom reports, real time analytics, scenario builder etc. make this software all the more desirable.

There are a number of other essential features too like the facility of recording calls and having screen captures. You can also share files and images whenever there is a need. The software also facilitates surveys post contact. There is a co-worker directory as well to which you have unrestrainedaccess.

For the ease of communication, the software allows you to have text, voice as well as video chats. And if required you may have team or multi-session chats.And this has certainly made communication a piece of cake. So, when you have so many good things rolled into one, why go for anything else? Aspect Zipwire is the right choice for you.

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