Launches Best Betting Sites.

Sharpnation has been known to give out great free picks.  They have one of the best handicapping teams and they offer all this advice for free to everyone.   They just launched a new section that deals with sportsbooks.  They give out free advice (no favoritism) on the best sports betting sites out there.  They have an article on us betting sites as well as an overall section that deals with sports betting sites.  Check em out.  They know what they are doing.!

Free NFL Picks

Theirs a site that I have been following for a while now and that is  They have many good handicappers there not just interested in selling picks to you, because lets face it, if your a good capper like you claim, why would you bother selling picks? You might as well just bet your own games.  Its a lot easier and you would make more money.

Its not that simple though, some cappers don’t have the funds to start wagering that large amount, while others don’t want the stress.

So this site began giving out free picks, no charge.  They don’t ask for anything at all.  Not just the free advice, but you also have community that is starting to grow with a lot of knowledgeable people.  Many of these other sites are just scams.  They try to sell you stuff, or they put no effort into what they do.  They will email you just the picks, no reasoning.  However these guys actually work hard at it.  They give it there all.

They opened up a section for free NFL betting picks which you can get all there picks here.  They have some interesting takes on the games today and I recommend you check it out before you place your wager.  Its updated every week and its 100% free of charge.  When you get the chance go to the forums and talk to the other members.  The only way you can beat these odds makers is by having more info.

They discussed the Giants game and the Falcons game in depth.

Take care guys and good luck with the games!

Boston Red Sox versus New York Yankees Prediction – Friday September 6th

Yankees versus Red Sox


Free prediction for our readers for the Boston Red Sox game versus the New York Yankees.

Odds makers have set the betting line at pretty much even for these 2 MLB rivals.  The total is set at 9 which is pretty standard for baseball.

Last time out these 2 teams went at it offensively which has pretty much not existed all season long for the Yankees.  For Boston however, its nothing new.  They lead the league in runs but it for the Yankees its been a struggle.  This may have changed since Alex Rodriguez came back, Jeter is health as well as granderson.  Lets also not forget they got Soriano again.  So this team can hit the ball however odds makers and the public for that matter, havent adjusted yet.  However we have!

Andy Pettitte who has been great all year, especially in his last 7 starts, has already dominated the Red Sox last time out.  However lets not forget this is Boston, and they will make adjustments.  Seeing him a 2nd time will definitely be in the best interest of the Sox.

Doubront already has faced the Yankees and got hammered.  He also got hit pretty hard by one of the worst offensive teams this season, Chicago white sox.  So his confidence cannot be that high going into this one.

Free Pick: Guys, HAMMER THE OVER.  This one without a doubt will fly over 9.  Worst case scenario its a 4-4 game which is a guaranteed push.

Baltimore Ravens vs Denver Broncos Prediction

On Thursday September 5th, the Ravens open the season versus the Broncos in Denver.  Oddsmakers have set the odds at -7.5 for the Broncos and the total at a farely high line of 48.

This will be a rematch of the divisional playoffs from last year as the Denver Broncos look to get revenge after that dramatic loss they suffered at the hands of the Baltimore Ravens.

The SuperBowl Champion Ravens were expecting to start there title defense at home as most champions due, however due to the fact that the orioles were scheduled to play in Baltimore, they were forced to start out on the road.

Ravens will not be the same team from last year as there future hall of famer Ray Lewis called it quits after winning the title.  Lets also not forget ball hawk Ed Reed also left as he signed with the Houston Texans.  So this defense isnt the same defense that we have grown to fear.  However there star linebacker Terrell Suggs and Webb are health and will be back on Thursday.

Denver is pretty much the same team, except for the fact that manning now has a season under his belt playing in Denver and a little more healthier from that neck injury that most people thought might end his career.

Prediction:  Revenge game for the Broncos, as they will face a new Ravens team.  -7.5 is the play, Superbowl champs are always a little overrated before the season starts anyways.