Elite homeowners often tend to give a special preference to hardwood flooring to impart an elegant look to their homes. But with a plethora of options and the number of factors to be considered, no one should make the flooring decision in a haste. If you want to check out the hardwood flooring Utah varieties then click here to find out more. In order to help you save up and make a judicious investment, let’s take a look as to what questions you should raise before flooring your home with hardwood.

What type of hardwood flooring should you choose?

With a wide array of choices in regard to the types, colors, textures, and patterns, the foremost step is to decide the type of flooring that is ideal for your place. Pine or fir are suitable for areas that don’t have much foot traffic whereas oak or Brazilian walnut hardwood is appropriate for areas that are used with a higher frequency.

What width of the plank is appropriate?

The width of the plank depends upon the size and ambiance of your home. While you can select the width according to your own preferences, it is essential to keep in mind the tone of the entire place. Make sure that the planks go well with the structure and interior of your home.

What option to choose if you own a pet?

Hard oak flooring is much durable for pet owners that soft pine ones. Since floors in homes with pets are more prone to scratches, it is important to select the type of flooring that can easily withstand stains and claw marks. You need to compare different types of hardwood flooring as in this case, the strength is a major factor.

Should you pay for getting the hardwood professionally installed?

Even though the process of laying hardwood might seem as simple as fixing the planks with a glue on the ground, it is recommended to get it installed with the help of trained professionals. Hardwood floors are expensive and the professionals are experienced to be careful enough to not cause any kind of damage. Professionals will make sure that the surface is suitable for laying down the planks. Professionals are capable of imparting a neat look to the flooring.

How should you maintain hardwood flooring?

Regular vacuuming and mopping is a must to clean any dirt or grit from in between the planks and keep your floor looking new for long. At any cost, avoid moisture as it can ruin the surface and make the wood go bad. Never allow any spills to remain on the floor for long as they can leave stubborn stains that are a trouble to clean afterward. Clean the floor with a dry or slightly damp mop and switch on the fan to dry them quickly.

From selecting to installing and maintaining hardwood flooring is a complicated task. Make sure that you clarify all your queries beforehand in order to avoid any hassles in the long run.

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