How to Participate in ARCO Devnet Incentive Program?

Arco Protocol (ARCO) is a cross-chain decentralized, transparent and non-custodial lending protocol on Aptos and Sui where users can participate as lenders or borrowers in isolated lending pools. ARCO aims to build high-velocity markets for more traditional crypto-asset lending services, but with the goal of improving overall capital-efficiency across a wider range of Aptos-based and Sui-based assets.

A total of 2,000,000 $ARC tokens and will be distributed amongst the participants. The winners will be announced a week after launching on the mainnet launch in the early November, and notified via Disocrd. NOTE: Winners must respond within (2) two weeks from initial outreach to claim their prize, else the prize will be forfeited. The prize will be airdropped to the participant’s assigned wallet address.

⏲️ Duration Oct 25th, 12:00PM (UTC) – Nov 1st, 12:00PM (UTC)

🏁Quick Start Guide To enter, simply click on the link of  Devnet Incentive tweet and complete the following steps: Follow on Twitter Like & Retweet Devnet Incentive Program tweet on Twitter, also, tag some of your friends or say something nice! (more tags=more chances of winning) Join their Discord Server Be active on Discord (Higher rank = more chances of getting OG roles)

📌 Four ways to win $ARC:

1️⃣ Testnet participants Participants can win 300–500 $ARC by simply playing around with our Dapp. Make sure to perform all actions (Lend, borrow, repay, withdraw, and claim) on the Arco Protocol Devnet using one wallet address.
2️⃣ Bug Bounty: Detect bugs, post the full description and the screenshot on the form (available on Oct 25th, 12:00PM UTC). Each submission can earn 1000–5000 $ARC after being confirmed by the team. There is no limit to how many bugs or how much feedback you can leave and we appreciate any and all submissions - this is an important phase for the project and hence we are happy to commit to unlimited $ARC rewards during the course of the program. Noted that for cases when more than one person submits the same bug/feedback, the reward will only be given out to the first person who submitted it.
3️⃣ Content creation: Members who create Youtube/Tiktok video (no less than 1 minute) to teach how to use ARCO Protocol will have chances to be selected as the project ambassador. You’ll also be able to win $ARC by quote tweeting ARCO tweet or creating a brand-new tweet to promote ARCO.
4️⃣ Discord OG: We will assign a total of 300 discord OG roles to discord members. Each OG will be eligible for claiming 1000 $ARC tokens. In order to get the OG role, you need to stay active on Discord and make contributions to the whole community (Including but not limited to help other members, create memes, help mods, report scammers, and etc). (Tip: higher rank and more invite = bigger chances of getting OG roles!)
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